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Hi there, I’m Pete Kimbis, the founder of PKC LLC, a social good consulting firm. Our mission is to empower nonprofits through smart strategic growth. PKC is especially passionate about supporting causes related to safe and affordable housing, environmental species protection, ecosystem conservation, regional economic revitalization, and domestic violence prevention.

After many visits to the Foundation Center Library on K Street in D.C., I penned my first successful grant proposal, kicked off an individual giving program, and increased revenue at a local nonprofit by 50%.

I realized I wanted to make a greater impact and understood that vision and ability can be dampened or lifted depending on who is leading.

I started independent consulting work as a 1099 to learn how to empower nonprofits and their leaders. I saw nonprofit clients as multipliers of my work. They were creating scaled social impact in a way I could not do on my own. It’s been an honor to work with amazing nonprofits and trailblazing entrepreneurs.

I decided my firm would focus on quality and ingenuity to solve customer and social challenges by providing exceptional, tailored services and developing groundbreaking solutions for complex problems. I wasn’t interested in churning out what was standard or boilerplate.

My concept of scaling social impact proved to be accurate. I began to write for NonProfit PRO Magazine. I have had the opportunity to share ideas with philanthropic and corporate leaders at Microsoft and Salesforce, who routinely reached out to share the word about breakthroughs in giving and new models of philanthropy.

So, bottom line, we at PKC LLC are here to make a difference, one grant, one strategy, one nonprofit at a time, and we want to make something great happen together with you!



PKC is honored to partner with Global Editorial Services, a Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), to offer editorial review of your written materials. Owner and founder Eti Bonn-Muller is a published author and meticulous editor with more than two decades of publishing experience. She has held senior editorial positions at leading nonprofit institutions, including the Archaeological Institute of America and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and she now serves a variety of clients around the globe, with a focus on nonprofits as well as cultural and arts organizations. With Eti’s expertise, you can be assured that your proposal will be reviewed with the utmost care and attention to detail.




Hi, I’m Águeda, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have a master’s degree in Social Services from the National University of La Plata. I streamline grant opportunity research and operations for PKC. I enjoy keeping things organized and running well, including coordinating schedules and tasks. My experience includes developing social media content for private industry and the University of La Plata. In addition to the above, I am learning proposal writing and happily working side-by-side with Pete. Outside work, I am passionate about reading, studying, nature, and spending time with friends and my significant other.

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